Why You Should Have a Doctor’s Note

Doctor's notes

From time to time, a devoted employee should take a rest. A couple of days off should be fine to release the stress and the pressure accumulating in the working environment. This doesn’t always picture an angry boss or having some fights with a co-worker. Sometimes, the stress and pressure come from having tons of work piling up and a tight deadline.

When this happens, it is usually better to have a vacation after meeting the deadlines. To be able to do that, one must complete the tasks assigned to him by making some overtime. Doing so will drain your energy and you need to recover on that.

So, it would be a good practice to ask for a leave and enjoy a long and relaxing sleep at home. There’s no other place that is most comfortable than our home. During vacation, don’t ever pick-up your phone and emails to avoid getting disturbed.  Spent your time wisely by not spending it on having drinks with your friends. You should try to have good meals and conversation with your family.

What if your boss doesn’t want to grant your request to take a leave? Well, you should assess it first before asking him. If you think you can’t get one, basing on his attitude towards his employee and towards work, then you should devise a way to do it. Here’s where a doctor’s note comes handy!

overtime at workDon’t lie with your physician, just tell him that you’re having a burnout from continuous overtime you did to meet the deadline. Not faking your excuses is a lot safer than faking one. Burnout is serious when you are talking about health. This will decrease your performance at work, so it’s only vital to take it seriously.

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